House Rules

General rules
Character Creation

*Stealth added to skill list.

*8 skill points instead of 6

*4 skill points instead of 2
*Clerics spontaneously cast Domain spells instead of healing.
*Clerics may gain skill proficiencies based on their domains.

*Sense Motive added to skill list

*4 skill points instead of 2

*4 skill points instead of 2
*Knowledge Local is a class skill

*4 skill points instead of 2

*4 skill points instead of 2

  • Initiative is done with a D12. The reason for this is to make improved initiative matter more often and having a decent dex more valuable as well.
  • Bonus Languages are gained upon the first rank in linguistics and ever 5 thereafter (6 ranks, 11 ranks and so on.)
  • If healed to positive hp within 10 rounds of death the soul does not have time to leave the body and is stabilized however will not wake up for several minutes.
    *Combat Manuevers only provoke attacks on failure.
    *Crits maximize their first die automatically, confirming the critical will allow you to use the multiplier.
    *Martial Weapon Proficiency applies to a weapon group instead of specific weapon.
    *Cohorts may be gained through RP, however not through the Leadership feat.
    *The spell Rope Trick and any other extradimensional spell below spell level 6 does not exist.
    *Ressurection is a mythic level spell or ability. It exists however is very rare and is not used nearly as easily as in a traditional game.

House Rules

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